H-Square Products

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M.M.R.C. distributes a range of H-Square tools and equipment items for the semiconductor and related industries.

These products include a wide range of vacuum handling tools and manual picks and tweezers for mask handling, full size wafers and smaller pieces. Their custom department can design and manufacture specific wafer cassettes and manual handling products in a variety of materials to suit customer specific applications. Equipment items include Wafer Presentation Systems, Flat Finders and Wafer Transfer Systems.

Product Information

Some of the products include the following:

  • Vacuum Handling Tools, Accessories and Wafer Aligners.
  • Wafer Escalators and Wafer Transfers.
  • Process, Metal and Bake-Out Cassettes.
  • Photo Voltaic Solar Cell Products.
  • Mechanical Wafer Picks.

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Support literature and further information available upon request.