Kayaku Photoresists


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M.M.R.C. provides a wide range of photolithography chemicals. This includes materials from the Kayaku range of chemically amplified expoxy based negative photoresists, Lift Off resists, PMMA / Co Polymer positive resists developers and ancillary chemicals from our partners, Kayaku, in the United States.

We can supply these resists in small bottle sizes to suit the R&D users. Most products can be supplied beginning with 500mls, 1 litre, and 4 litres bottles. Hence, end users can minimise any excessive wastage associated with unused or expired resists purchased in larger bottle sizes. Custom manufacturing is also available for application specific formulations such as:

  • Dilutions.
  • Dye addition.
  • PAG adjustments.
  • Solvent Mixtures

The range includes the following product series:

SU-8 & KMPR Photoresists

  • SU-8 series chemically amplified expoxy based negative photoresists 1- 100 um:  SU-8, SU-8 2000 series and SU-8 3000 series.
  • KMPR series chemically amplified expoxy based negative photoresists 4- 25 um: KMPR 1000 series. 

PMGI & LOR Photoresists

  •  Lift-off Resists: Metal Deposition processing.  PMGI SF, LOR A series and LOR B series. 

PMMA Photoresists

  • PMMA / Co-Polymer Positive resists for Electron Beam Processing PMMA 950K (in Chlorobenzene or Anisole), Co-Polymers (in Ethyl Lactate). 


  • Ancillary Products: Developers, Removers, Adhesion Promoters, Thinners and Edge Bead Removers.

Purchase Information

Supporting technical product data sheets available upon request.