AZ Photoresists


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M.M.R.C. provides a wide range of photolithography chemicals. This includes materials from the AZ range of positive and negative photoresists, developers and ancillary chemicals from our partners, MicroChemicals, in Germany.

We can supply these resists in small bottle sizes to suit the R&D users. Most products can be supplied beginning with 250mls, as well as in larger bottles such as 500mls, 1 litre, 2.5 litres and 5 litres.  Hence, end users can minimise any excessive wastage associated with unused or expired resists purchased in larger bottle sizes. The range includes the following product series:


  • AZ1500 series.
  • AZ 4000 series.
  • AZ 5200 series.
  • AZ 6000 series.
  • AZ 9000 series.
  • AZ ECI 3000 series.
  • AZ nLOF series.
  • AZ 15 nXT.
  • AZ 125 nXT.
  • AZ 40 XT. 


  • AZ 326MIF.
  • AZ 726MIF.
  • AZ 826MIF.
  • AZ 400K.
  • AZ Developer.
  • AZ 351B.
  • AZ 303.

Remover / Stripper

  • AZ 100 Remover.
  • TechniStrip.
  • P1316 Remover.
  • N1555 Remover.

Thinner / EBR

  • AZ EBR Solvent.
  • AZ EBR 70/30. 

Adhesion Promotion

  • HMDS. 


  • MIBK. 

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Supporting technical product data sheets and lithography process support literature available upon request.