PurGuard EV-100 Goggles

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Sterile disposable goggles -The PurGuard® EV-100 is a disposable goggle for use in cleanrooms and sterile areas. The ultra-soft and pleasant frame material and anti-fog coating offer maximum wearer comfort at all times, also for wearers of glasses. The special ventilation design (indirect) effectively prevents fogging.

The tested and certified PurGuard® series goggles were developed especially for use in cleanrooms and offer perfect protection both of product and wearer. 


  • Very soft and comfortable frame material.
  • Robust lens material, resistant to disinfectants.
  • Anti-fog coating AntiFog+.
  • Ventilation design with indirect valves top and bottom.
  • Flexible, adjustable silicon headband, latex-free.
  • Generous, extra wide fit with wide field of vision.
  • Well-suited for wearing over prescription glasses.
  • DIN EN 166:2002 safety goggle certified.
  • Recommended for use in sterile areas.
  • Unitary size, individually adjustable.
  • Frame: PVC; Lens: Polycarbonate; Headband: Silicon.
  • Clear (frame, lens and headband).
  • EtO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilized, SAL 10-6 sterilised

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