Laboratory & Cleanroom Compatible Chairs & Stools

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MMRC is pleased to announce the introduction of the BIMOS collection of laboratory and cleanroom compatible chairs and stools to our product range. They are fully manufactured in Germany and come with a 10-year extended commercial warranty.

Commencing in 2020 with the Labsit range, we are currently seeking expressions of interest from our customers looking for high quality and affordable solutions for task and general seating products in laboratory and cleanroom environments.


  • Perfect for cleanroom, general and laboratory task seating.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic, with minimal adjustments.
  • Cleanroom ISO 3 + GMP compatible.
  • Hygienic design.
  • Available in 4 colours for easy identification and segregation.
  • Resistant to disinfectants.
  • 3D-Flex-Backrest.
  • Labclip feature offers personalisation.
  • Extremely light, mobile, compact, robust and durable.
  • ESD options available. 
  • Made in Germany.
  • 10-year extended commercial warranty!

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Purchase information

 Available upon request.

Please feel free to download the Labsit SIMPLE IS CLEVER brochure for further information.