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The innovative 2 in 1 solution: PurMop® disposable mops with integrated disinfectant from InSpec™. Select your individual solution!

The completely new product concept from Hydroflex and Redditch Medical uses a special burst pouch technology to provide a disposable mop with a full range of cleaning and disinfecting agents specially designed for cleanrooms.

The disposable mop and disinfectants are delivered in one packaging unit but are separated through a burstable compartment. For use simply burst the pouch, distribute the fluid and after a short waiting time the disinfectant will evenly and sufficiently saturate the mops. Thanks to the separation of the two components a long shelf life for mop and fluid can be ensured without reducing the effectiveness of the disinfectant over time. 


  • Multiple bagged: All products will be multiple bagged to allow smooth transfer into the cleanroom minimising the risk of contamination being carried into your Cleanroom.
  • Exceptional Water Quality: Contamination Control Products are built around an exceptional water quality system, fully validated and generating WFI quality water for blending on demand and piped directly into our Class 6 Cleanroom.
  • Full Traceability: Products are formulated and sourced from a variety of leading suppliers in Europe offering full traceability.
  • Registered under the BPD: All biocides are registered under the BPD (Biocidal Products Directive) thus the validation effort will not be in vain. Products validated today will be available for many years to come.
  • Speed up Quality Acceptance Procedures: All batches of product will be supplied with appropriate certificates of analysis, irradiation, sterility and endotoxin speeding up quality acceptance procedures. 
  • Defined using Pharmaceutical Specified Methods: Critical parameters such as shelf life and in-use shelf life are defined and determined using pharmaceutically specified methods.

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