PurMop® EFB40-S

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The sterile PurMop® EFB40-S is a disposable mop for cleanroom cleaning with superb cleaning ability.  The material consists of a 2-compontent structure with alternating microfiber and polyester scrub stripes.  Through the dual-action function the harder scrub stripes remove even tough residues from surfaces, while the fine microfibers trap and remove contamination.  The high surface capacity combined with smooth gliding on all surfaces and easy handling with pocket system make the EFB40 an ergonomic and effective solution for all types of Cleanrooms.


  • Front Material: 70% Polyester Microfiber, 30% Polyester scrub stripes.
  • Backing Material: 100% Polyester non-woven.
  • Edges: 100% Polyester overlock (bound).
  • Insert for high fluid absorption and surface capacity.
  • Excellent cleaning ability, great pick-up of all kinds of particles.
  • Ergonomic handling through optimal gliding properties.
  • Even, ultra fine fluid distribution.
  • Green binding for colour-coding.
  • Fluid absorption ≥ 440% (228 mL), typical 550% (286 mL).
  • Surface coverage approx. 15-20m2 (for cleaning and disinfection), depending on surface type.
  • Abrasion resistance ≥ 20,000 movements (9 kPa).
  • For single use in cleanrooms. Can be washed and reused in grey areas.
  • Gamma sterilised, SAL 10-6, fully validated according to ISO 11137 (VD max 25), COI for each batch.
  • 5 pieces / double bag, 20 bags / carton (total 100 pieces / case).
  • 2-Year shelf life.

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