PurMop® EF40-S

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The sterile PurMop® EF40-S has a unique, 100% polyester microfiber pile material.  The outstanding cleaning ability and high-grade finish are complemented by an excellent price/performance ratio, making the EF40-S an innovative and reliable alternative to reusable mops.  It is the ideal solution for sterile GMP areas.


  • Front Material: 80% Polyester Microfiber, 20% Polyester.
  • Backing Material: 100% Polyester non-woven.
  • Edges: 100% Polyester overlock (bound).
  • Insert for high fluid absorption and area capacity.
  • Excellent cleaning ability, great pick-up of all kinds of particles.
  • Ergonomic handling through optimal gliding properties.
  • Even, ultra fine fluid distribution.
  • Fluid absorption: ≥ 450% (225mL), typical, 580% (290mL).
  • Recommended minimum coverage is approximately 8-10 m2 (for optimal wetting and safe disinfection).
  • Surface Coverage max. 13-15 m2 (for cleaning and disinfection).
  • Abrasion resistance ≥ 20,000 movements (9 kPa).
  • Disposable mop - single-use only, beta sterilised. Washable for re-use in grey areas.
  • 2-Year shelf life.
  • Also available non-sterile (EF40).

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