PurMop® EQUIP KEK40 Stainless Steel Frame

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The PurMop® EQUIP KEK40 is a newly developed folding stainless steel mop frame for 40cm flat mop covers.


The special design without wireframe guarantees an easy cleanability (through avoidance of dead spaces), while the ultra flat design ensures a touchless pickup of mops. The mop frame can be opened with the foot or with the mop discarding mechanism on the trolley and can be fixed for ceiling cleaning with a special locking button. The PurMop® quick-change system allows a tool-free exchange of the handle, while the arrow on the mop frame indicates the correct wiping direction.




  • Polished stainless steel, durable design.
  • Quick-change clip system.
  • Optimal for cleaning of floors, walls and ceilings.
  • Autoclavable, suitable for sterile cleanrooms.


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