PurMop® EQUIP ICT2050 Stainless Steel Isolator Cleaning Tool

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The PurMop® EQUIP ICT2050 is a compact cleaning system for workbenches and isolators. It comprises a short, lightweight handle (SEP50) and a rotating mop frame (MEP20). The high-grade polyester disposable mop cover (see EC20-S) is for use in critical cleanroom areas (GMP A/B / 5).

The PurQuip® ICT2050 is recommended for interior cleaning of workbenches, isolators and is also suited for hard to reach places on machines and equipment.


  • Specially designed, lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Electro polished stainless steel mop frame.
  • Mop frame swivels in all directions.
  • Fits all PurQuip® stainless steel accessories.
  • Autoclavable stainless steel accessories.
  • Suitable with PurMop® EC20-S mop covers.

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