PurMop® EQUIP KKV40 Plastic Frame

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The PurMop® EQUIP KKV40 is a mop head frame that is used with 40cm flat mop covers.

The PurMop® EQUIP KKV40 is lightweight and robust in construction. Matching all aluminium / plastic handles, it can be used for cleaning of all floors, walls and ceilings. The smooth surface and wear-resistant material were developed to ensure highest cleanroom suitability. The PurQuip® KKV40 also features a locking device especially for ergonomic cleaning of walls and ceilings – the hinge can be locked at the push of the yellow button


  • Suited for all 40cm PurMop® mop covers.
  • The plastic is resilient and offers a long service life.
  • Smooth surfaces, disinfectant-resistant and autoclavable.
  • Allows mop pick-up and discard without hand contact in combination with the PurQuip® Ergo cleaning system.
  • Foot-operated mop take-up.
  • Quick-change system with clip.
  • Can be combined with all PurMop® EQUIP aluminium / plastic handles.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic.

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