PurMop® 2.0 ERGO-S 230 Touchfree Cleaning

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The Hydroflex PurQuip® ERGO-S 230 is a compact triple bucket and the world‘s only completely touchless cleanroom cleaning system.  The user does not come into contact with the mop, the mop frame or the trolley system for the complete attachment, wetting and discarding process.  This hand-contactless process revolutionises professional cleanroom cleaning and guarantees maximum safety by reliably preventing cross-contamination.  Furthermore, it protects the user from contact with detergents and disinfectants.

Wetting the mop requires no wringing process or handling of mop boxes.  A newly invented mop wetting device applies the correct amount of liquid to the mop in a simple and almost effortless process.  As the result is not dependent on the user, each process is identical.  There are no waiting times, nor is there any excess liquid, as precisely the required amount for each mop is applied


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