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The PurQuip® PREPARE is a compact and mobile unit for the presaturation and storing of 40cm flat mops, suited especially for small areas. Easy and reliable saturation of mops is achieved by simply pouring the cleaning agent / disinfectant over the mops with a special sieve. One bucket is used to hold the fresh mop covers, the other for the used mops. The PREAPRE system can also be placed on a trolley and combined with additional buckets.


  • Separate stainless steel bucket for fresh and used mops.
  • Holds up to 10 mops.
  • Fully autoclavable, resistant to disinfectants.
  • With dosing sieve DS1 and mop carrier ERGOMop®.
  • Easy to take apart, easy to clean.
  • Allows mop take-up and discard without hand contact.
  • Polished stainless steel for smooth and wear-resistant surfaces.
  • Compatible with PurMop® mop covers.
  • One bucket includes scale for fluid dosage.

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