LithoProtect Seam Tape – YST520


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M.M.R.C. provides a range of photolithography products. This includes yellow UV-protection products, from our partners, durXtreme in Germany, that have been specially been developed for UV-photo sensible applications and blocks reliably UV radiation below 520 nm.

The seam tape YST520 is made of the same material as the self-adhesive UV protection foil YSA520. For this reason, all data and properties for the UV protective foil also apply to the seam tape. The yellow light products were specially developed for UV photo-sensitive applications and blocks UV radiation below 520 nm. The seam tape YST520 consists of yellow-dyed cellulose triacetate and is coated on one side with permanent dispersion glue, it can laminate on all solid surfaces.  

Installation Instructions

Below are some links to assist with installing and maintaining the LithoProtect products:

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Purchase Information

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