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The FTDM stainless steel cleanroom glove dispenser features an excellent highly polished finish with no sharp corners or edges to trap contamination. The flat top glove dispenser is used for storing and dispensing gloves.


  • Swing-open lead - for easy loading, dismountable for easy cleaning and no “piano” style hinges.
  • Inner corners - all inner corners bended, easier cleaning and less contamination.
  • Beveled exit opening - snag-free pull out.
  • Viewing slots - for level control.
  • “FIFO” - first in first out.
  • Smooth edges - prevents tearing and cuts.
  • Long life span - wipe down resistant, non-flammable, non-contaminating and non-accumulating. 


  • Viewing slots easy inspection of contents.
  • Swing-open lead flat top can be slopes, optionally.
  • Exit opening - smooth and rounded corners and no tearing and cuts.
  • Modular design - easy to add compartments, wall mount and frame mount.

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Further information available upon request. Alternative design also available.