ClearKlens Cleansinald SC Disinfectant

ClearKlens Cleansinald SC Disinfectant

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ClearKlens Cleansinald is a surface active disinfectant based on a blend of quaternary ammonium and alkylamines.

The ClearKlens sterile range was developed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

ClearKlens Cleansinald SC is used at 0.5% v/v aqueous solution. Empty the contents of a 25ml bottle into 5 Litres of water.


  • 0.2µm filtered, aseptically filled and double bagged.
  • Manufactured to GMP standards with full batch traceability.
  • Supplied with Certificates of Analysis, Sterility and Irradiation.
  • Broad spectrum of activity.
  • Aseptically filled and double bagged.
  • Highly compatible with materials commonly found in pharmaceutical cleanrooms.
  • SDS available upon request.

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50 x 25ml bottles per case