InSpec OX

InSpec OX

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Sterile Filled Preparation of Hydrogen Peroxide 6% v/v and Peracetic Acid 0.4% v/v Rapid Action – Disinfectant InSpec™ OX is a peracetic acid preparation (PAA). The properties of PAA are well known, as it is one of the most effective disinfectant agents available.

InSpec™ OX is available as a pre-diluted product at 0.4% PAA in 6-7% hydrogen peroxide. Pack sizes include 1L trigger or 5L screw cap. The trigger spray bottle is designed to prevent contamination of the product with micro-organisms from the manufacturing environment. The InSpec™ OX trigger spray bottle has a validated in-use shelf life and is designed to be used in a rotational program.

InSpec™ OX is manufactured in an ISO Class 6 Cleanroom, filled under Class 5 laminar flow in the ISO 6 background. Batch certified covering areas such as analysis, sterility, endotoxin and irradiation dose. Manufactured to GMP under an ISO 9001 quality system.

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6 x 1Ltr Trigger Spray bottles/case




2 x 5Ltr Screw Cap bottles/case