SteriClean IPA

SteriClean IPA

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MMRC offers SteriClean filtered and sterile alcohol solutions of  Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) from Helapet.

The solution is a blend of 70% alcohol and 30 % Water For Injection (WFI) for use as broad spectrum disinfectants leaving very low levels of residue. Ideal for pharmaceutical and related aseptic cleanroom manufacturing environments.

MMRC offer this Helapet SteriClean product in 900ml trigger action bottles with an internal sealed bag system to eliminate potentially contaminated air being sucked back into the bottle during use.


  • Manufactured to GMP standards in facilities audited by local regulatory authorities.
  • Filled in an ISO Class 5 (Class A) environment within an ISO Class 7 (Class C) background.
  • Made with Water For Injection (WFI).
  • 0.2 micron filtered.
  • Double Bagged.
  • Gamma Irradiated.
  • Detex irradiation indicated.
  • Fully batch traceable. Sterility tested and certificated.
  • Issued with a certificate of irradiation.
  • GMP Compliant Certification.
  • SDS available on request.

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Helapet SteriClean WFI Grade Sterile 70/30 IPA Spray


6 x 900ml bottles per case